Reiki :-Acharya Arunanand, the founder of Universal Love Healing & Training Centre, is a Reiki Grandmaster, trained by  world renowned Reiki Grandmaster  Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A. He is also registered with Mr. Rand’s Centre i.e. International Centre For Reiki Training ( ICRT ) (registration no.80158), Michigan U.S.A. He is the only active Reiki Grandmaster, at present in Delhi and NCR, trained by Mr. William Lee Rand

Heal self and others, and solve all problems of your life-be that monetary problem, relationship problem, health problem(depression, tension, insomnia etc.), ill planetary and black magic effect problem etc. Also achieve telepathy and clairvoyancy through Reiki.

i) Reiki I :-
Contents–Four levels of  universe and their energies, History of Reiki, Two Laws of Energy Exchange vis-a vis Karma theory, knowledge of Chakras, Principle of Healing through Reiki. Aura and Aura Cleaning, Practice of Self Healing, Reiki I attunement etc. Course duration-1 day.

ii) Reiki II :- Contents–Three Japanese Mantras (symbols of Reiki) of three energies of three levels of  the universe, Uses of the Symbols, Beaming, Distance Healing, Empower Goals , Group Distance Healing, Practice of Self Healing and Healing Others, Reiki II attunement  etc. Course duration-1 day.

 iii) Reiki III A i.e.Advanced Reiki Training :- Course contents – Knowledge of fourth and the last Mantra (Master symbol) of the fourth energy of the fourth level of the universe, Reiki Moving Meditation, Reiki Meditation, Crystal Grid, Psychic Surgery, Attunement of Reiki IIIA etc. Course  duration -1 day.


iv) Reiki III B i.e. Reiki Master Teacher Course :- Course contents-Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki IIIA, Healing Attunement, Reiki Three Meditation, Attunement of Reiki IIIB etc. Course duration–1 day.


v) Reiki Grandmaster :- Course contents–Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster, knowledge of Violet Flame, and Raku & Antahkarana symbols, The Correct Reiki Symbols, Reiki and the Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism, Japanese Reiki Tachniques,40 Breath Meditation for Energizing, Grounding Exercise & Healing the Earth, Brain Balancing, Astro Reiki, Laser Reiki, 70 Other Powerful Symbols and four Attunements of Reiki Grandmaster with Raku and Antahkarana symbols. Course duration–2 days.

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