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Acharya Arunanand

Reiki Universal Love Research, Training and Healing Centre

Acharya Arunanand, founder of UNIVERSAL LOVE RESEARCH, TRAINING AND HEALING CENTRE, learned Reiki in 1994 from traditional side. Thereafter, he did an extensive research in Reiki for 4 years, and tried to understand it with regard to deep Hindu ADHYATMA, specially the four levels of the universe, their energies and their respective Mantras(symbols of Reiki), and "Two laws of Energy Exchange" of Reiki vis-a- vis the Karma theory. In the mean time, he also completed his Reiki Master and Grandmaster degrees. After understanding Reiki fully well, he started teaching it in late 1998 at Delhi.

When Mr. William Lee Rand of U.S.A., most renowned Reiki Grandmaster of the world, visited Delhi in February 2000, he again learned Reiki from him upto Master level, purly for the purpose of enhancing his knowledge on Reiki, and for adopting international standard of Reiki training. Thereafter , he learned Karuna Reiki upto Master level from Mr. William Lee Rand, as he being the originator of this healing technique. Acharya Arunanand is a Registered Master of Mr. William Lee Rand's Centre i.e. International Centre for Reiki Training( ICRT ), Michigan , U.S.A. [Registration no.80158] Presently, He is one of the 35 Reki Grandmasters trained by Mr. William Lee Rand in INDIA.