Established in 1998, offer the following courses.

1. Reiki :-

Acharya Arunanand , the Founder of Universal Love and healing Center  is Trained by world renowned Reiki Master Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A. and registered with his Centre i.e. International Centre For Reiki Training
( ICRT ),Michigan U.S.A.(reg.no.-80158)
He is one of the very few  reiki Grand master at present in India , Trained by  Mr. William Lee Rand ,U.S.A, and thus imparting International level of teaching of Reiki .

Heal self and others, and solve all problems of your life-be that monetary problem, relationship problem, health problem, ill planetary and black magic effect problem etc. Also achieve telepathy and clairvoyance through Reiki.

(a) Reiki I :- Course Contents – Four levels of universe and their energies, History of Reiki, Two Laws of Energy Exchange vis-a vis Karma theory, knowledge of Chakras, Principle of Healing through Reiki,Aura and Aura Cleaning, Practice of Self Healing, Reiki I attunement etc.

Course duration- 1 day.
(b) Reiki II :- Course Contents – Three Japanese Mantras (symbols of Reiki) of three energies of three levels of the universe, Uses of the Symbols, Beaming, Distance Healing, Empower Goals, Group Distance Healing, Practice of Self Healing and Healing Others, Reiki II attunement etc. Course duration-1 day.
(c) Reiki III A ( Advanced Reiki Training ) Course Contents -: -Knowledge of fourth and the last Mantra (Master symbol) of the fourth energy of the fourth level of the universe, Reiki Moving Meditation, Reiki Meditation, Crystal Grid, Psychic Surgery, Reiki Pyramid, Attunement of Reiki IIIA etc. Course duration -1 day.
(d) Reiki III B (Reiki Master Teacher Course) Course Contents :- Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki IIIA, Healing Attunement, Reiki Three Meditation, Attunement of Reiki IIIB etc. Course duration-1 day.
(e) Reiki Grandmaster :- Course Contents – Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster, knowledge of Violet Flame, and Raku & Antahkarana symbols, The Correct Reiki Symbols, Reiki and the Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism, Japanese Reiki Techniques ,40 Breath Meditation for Energizing, Grounding Exercise  & Healing the Earth, Brain Balancing, Astro Reiki, Laser Reiki, 70 Other Powerful Symbols.Four Attunements of  Reiki Grandmaster with Raku and Anthakarana Symbols. Course duration- two days.

2. Karuna Reiki:-

Acharya Arunanad,  is a registered Karuna Reiki Master(reg.no.-80158) Trained by Mr. William Lee Rand, U. S. A., the originator of Karuna Reiki. Here, the healing is done through 8 powerful Karuna Reiki symbols.
i.  Karuna Reiki Practitioner :- Course Contents – Explanation of the Eight Karuna Reiki Practitioner Symbols. Course duration- 1 day , With one healer attunement.
ii. Karuna Reiki Master:- Course Contents –Explanation of Attunement process of Karuna Reiki Practitioner Course and Karuna Reiki master Course , Chanting and Toning and their Practices .Course duration- 1 day

3. Magnified Healing :-

Master Teacher Course
Here, the healing energy is magnified thousands of times by the grace of Mother Kwan Yin, a Chinese Ascended Master and disciple of Gautam Buddha. Also, Mother Kwan Yin proclaims that she will take your soul to higher dimensions, at the time of death if you are attuned with magnified healing energy.We are privileged to have created maximum number of Magnified Heeling healers/ teachers in the entire Northern India, till date.
Course duration- two days. Since it is a Master Teacher course ,one can take a class and start teaching after learning this course.

4. Lama-Fera :-

Acharya Arunanand  is Trained by the originator of Lama-Fera healing
Technique . A highly effective Buddhist healing technique of Tibetan Lamas, specially used in eliminating spirits from human bodies and houses etc., though otherwise used for normal healing
i.  Lama-Fera Master Healer course :-Course Contents –Explanation of  six powerful Lama Fera healing  symbols. Attunement of Lama Fera Healer Course. Course duration- 1 day.
ii. Lama-Fera Master Teacher course :-Course Contents –Explanation of  six powerful Lama Fera master symbols.Two Attunements of Lama Fera Master Teacher, and also the explanation of attunement processes. Course.duration- 1 day.

5. Violet Flame Healing :- Master Teacher course :-

This healing technique was introduced by our Centre for the first time in India in 2003, though it is practiced in western countries for the last 70 years. It is the primordial energy which descended for the creation of the universe. Its color is violet and its property is to convert negative energy into positive energy instantly, as it represents Love, Forgiveness, Mercy and Freedom, Hence, it solves all your problems of life very effectively immediately. The Course duration is 1 day.

6. Bach Flower Remedies :-

They are 38 Positive Energies of 38 native flowers in liquid form, to be taken orally. It is a miraculous therapy for psychosomatic diseases. Course duration- two days.

7. Miraculous Healing Through Mudras :-

Selective two5 Mudras are taught of day-to-day use. Course duration- two days.

8. Dowsing :-

It is technique of tapping the cosmic information in “yes” or “no”. Course duration- 1 day.

9. Bring Wealth & Prosperity :-

In this course, one learns how to create Positive Energy, and enjoy Vaastu benefits, WITHOUT DEMOLITION, through Vaastu, Feng-Shui, Violet Flame, Crystals, Pyramids, Human Vaastu and Mudras, in such house/office /shop/factory etc. as is not built according to Vaastu principles, so that one enjoys Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness and Spiritual Growth. What is more, the students are attuned with Violet Flame, at the end of the course. Course duration-two days.

10. Vaastu

This course is in four parts. First part is a complete and detailed study of Vaastu, described on scientific basis. Second part is illustrated Vaastu, wherein whatever knowledge, imparted in part one, is again explained through 168 Vaastu pictures. Third part is a detailed knowledge on Pyramids and “Golden Ratio” and how to use it in constructing a house, for generating Positive Energy. Fourth part is a detailed knowledge on dowsing which is used in finding out Negative and Positive energy in a plot, House and any other place, Apart from using it for many other purposes. Course duration is three days.


11.Vaastu Correction Through Violet Flame, Pyramids And Other Conventional Methods:-

This course is in three parts which cover the study on Pyramid Yantras, Violet Flame and other conventional methods and how to use them to correct defective Vaastu without demolition. The student is also attuned with Violet Flame energy, Course duration is two days.

12. Tarot :-

Tap cosmic solutions of the problems in detail. We started teaching Tarot in India, for the first time in 2001. To make one more positive, we attune the students with Tarot energy. Also, Tarot cards are charged with the Violet Flame. These are special activities of our Centre. Course duration is two days.
13. Numerology:-
It is a course based upon Pythagoras Numerology. Course duration two days

Apart from Above mentioned courses, center also provided consultancy through tarot, astrology , numerology and holistic healing , that works on physical , emotional , mental and spiritual level .

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